• Martin Trapp, Robert Peharz, Hong Ge, Franz Pernkopf and Zoubin Ghahramani (2019) Bayesian Learning of Sum-Product Networks. [arXiv]
  • Martin Trapp, Robert Peharz, Carl E. Rasmussen and Franz Pernkopf (2018) Learning Deep Mixtures of Gaussian Process Experts Using Sum-Product Networks. [arXiv]

Selected Publications

  • Robert Peharz, Antonio Vergari, Karl Stelzner, Alejandro Molina, Martin Trapp, Xiaoting Shao, Kristian Kersting, and Zoubin Ghahramani (2019) Random Sum-Product Networks: A Simple and Effective Approach to Probabilistic Deep Learning. In Proceedings of Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
  • Martin Trapp, Tamas Madl, Robert Peharz, Franz Pernkopf and Robert Trappl (2017) Safe Semi-Supervised Learning of Sum-Product Networks. In Proceedings of Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence [paper] [bibtex] [software]
  • Martin Trapp, Marcin Skowron and Dietmar Schabus (2017) Retrieving Compositional Documents using Position-Sensitive Word Mover’s Distance. In Proceedings of the International Conference on the Theory of Information Retrieval [paper] [bibtex]
  • Martin Trapp, Florian Schulze, Alexey A. Novikov, Laslo Tirian, Barry J. Dickson and Katja Bühler (2016) Adaptive and Background-Aware GAL4 Expression Enhancement of Co-registered Confocal Microscopy Images. In Neuroinformatics 14(2) [paper] [bibtex]