About me

photoMy name is Martin Trapp, I’m a Ph.D. student and researcher working in machine learning. I have a particular interested on tractable deep probabilistic architectures such as sum-product networks and on Bayesian nonparametrics and Bayesian learning in general. My thesis is supervised by Franz Pernkopf from the Graz University of Technology and in cooperation with Robert Peharz from the University of Cambridge and Robert Trappl from Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

During my research, I publish all developed software as open source software packages written in Julia. As a result, I created several open source projects including BayesianNonparametics.jl, SumProductNetworks.jl, for more packages check out my GitHub account.

Since spring 2018 I’m a core developer of the probabilistic programming language Turing.jl originally created and now managed by Hong Ge at the University of Cambridge.